Friday, February 4

Kruger Summers

The central grasslands of Kruger are some of the best places to see the larger birds like the Secretary Bird (above) and the Kori Bustard. The lower rainfall and fine clay soils result in shorter grasses and fewer trees which is another reason for the abundance of good wildlife sightings.

These two beautiful male cheetah we found early one morning on a quiet road in the south. We spent almost two hours following them as they made their way steadily (but with quite a few rests!) south east.
 The endless horizons of Kruger's mopani bush veld

The ever present but not often visible Nile Crocodile, in the Sabie River.

This impala ram was posing on top of a termite mound. Nice to be able to get a photo of this beautiful antelope against the sky!

Warthogs give birth to their young early in the summer so this "hoglet" was about 3 months old.

Our beautiful grasses are totally overlooked by most visitors but we have the most amazing variety.
I tried to get some close up photos but this activity ranks at the bottom of the list for most of my companions, so not much opportunity!

Summer time is "reptile time", and they do seem to spend a lot of time crossing roads many getting  squashed by inattentive visitors.
Which is one reason this Flap-necked Chameleon was looking so stressed (the black bands are the indicator).
Baboon enjoying a mid day meal of grass seeds and the scale insects off the mopani leaves.

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