Friday, February 18

Kruger Summers 2

When you watch a large bull elephant under a fruiting Marula tree, patiently sniffing around on the ground for ripe tasty marulas, delicately picking them up one at a time before blowing them into his mouth, then starting all over again ..... you have to wonder when he gets the time to eat the rest of the 200kg plus of vegetation he needs to consume in a day?

At any time of the year one is almost guaranteed to see dozens, if not hundreds, of Plains Zebra in the Satara area. But at least in the summer they have had a few fresh water showers and are looking a lot cleaner than they do in the winter!     (From a photography perspective the bright summer green backdrop also provides a much better contrast to the animals themselves.)

By late summer the White Storks are also congregating in large flocks on these open grassy areas. Feeding up before migrating back for the northern hemisphere summer. (You can see them in the background of the photo above).

Meanwhile, further south in the park, the grass has grown much taller, but it's good for hiding the babies, like this young Kudu.

(Don't you just love their ears?!)

And for the Wild Dog who need to constantly keep a watch out for larger predators (and potential prey of course) the shady road side under a nice large African Weeping Wattle offers the best position during the heat of the day. (despite the traffic!)

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