Thursday, April 17

An Autumn Safari Photo Update

Elephant on the Sabie River
April is autumn in Kruger National Park, and a time of unpredictable weather, lush green and gold bush, and variable wildlife sightings.

We were definitely more lucky than many however and had some really amazing encounters over the days we spent in Kruger. On one particular day (thanks Jaime & Anthony!!) we had great quality sightings of lion, black rhino, cheetah, buffalo, zebra, giraffe...... and the very next morning on our way out we had three leopard sightings with 4 different leopards!!

So after an amazing first 2 weeks of April, I'm taking a break from safari work for the next 6 weeks to explore a little bit of Australia and visit friends and family there.

Therefore my next posting won't be until June when I will share with you some of my Australian experiences!

Nile Crocodile

Pied Kingfisher

More riverside sightings......

A young Kudu antelope

Lionesses getting ready to hunt

On cloudy, windy days many of the herbivores congregate together out in open spaces where they can keep a better look out for predators.

Giraffe, Water buck and Zebra

And two VERY special sightings......

Cheetah also looking out on this cool windy day......

Hippo making a tactical retreat from a Black rhino

The first of the four leopards seen in our first hour of the morning drive

This Leopard Tortoise was on a mission to get somewhere......

The intent gaze of the Brown Snake Eagle