Wednesday, November 30

An overland adventure (Part 1)

Well, I’m back and I don’t even know where to start telling you about the 6,000 kilometre, 4 week road / overland trip I have just returned from. 

My "home" for 4 weeks

Some 3,000 images are going to take a while to sort through, select and edit, and I haven’t got a clue as to how I am going to update you, through this blog, on such an epic journey.


But for now here is a brief summary of our itinerary…….

Trans Kalahari Highway
Ten of us, in six 4x4 vehicles of varying shapes & sizes (mine being the smallest!) set off on the 30th October for Etosha Pan in northern Namibia. We took 5 days to travel there (it is 2,000 km away after all!) via the Trans-Kalahari Highway (Botswana) and then north from Windhoek, through Namibia.

Once at Etosha, we spent 6 days exploring the National Park,
  • panting in the heat,
  • blown away by the wide open vistas,
  • witnessing hundreds of zebra and dozens of elephant, amongst many other animals drinking at the waterholes,
  • lions lolling in the sun,
  • ostrich chicks huddling in the shadow of a parent,
  • billowing dust devils twisting on the horizon………….

Lioness on a zebra kill

A "white" elephant of Etosha

Water in Etosha Pan

 Then we reluctantly but with great expectations moved on, to travel to the Chobe River via the Caprivi Strip of north eastern Namibia.

Again, we took our time, stopping for 1 night here, 2 nights there and making small detours to see places of interest.

Fishermen on the Kavango River

A highlight of this phase was 3 nights spent at a bush camp deep in the eastern Caprivi, on the shore of the Kwando River. It was a place of peace, birds, reeds and water.

Crocodile bait?

Afternoon on the Kwando River

Three nights on the Chobe River at Kasane was enough for us to do a river cruise or two, a quick trip to Victoria Falls for some, and a game drive for others. The Chobe River valley is a visually stunning place but a bit full of people for us after some of the wild areas we had already been through.

Elephant on the Chobe River

In my next posting I will continue the journey..........

(Thanks to Cath, Bud, Mervyn, Carol, John, Rose, Dieter, Mary & Hans for the laughs and company)