Wednesday, January 22

A not so quiet January

Januaries generally tend to be a little quieter on the safari front - post holiday season; mid sticky summer; empty wallets; new year resolutions; I'm sure you will have one reason or another......

However when a safari does happen, Kruger can be far from quiet with great animal sightings.

As there are fewer people in the park we have to work harder ourselves to find the animals amongst the lush vegetation, but they often come out into the open for us, a reward for patience and perseverance.

I'm back in Kruger tomorrow, for the first time this month and these photos from a January 4 years ago are winding me up in anticipation!

Sunrise over the Olifants River

Wildebeest near Satara

Some great moments in Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve

African Wild Dog on the hunt 

 And back in the south of Kruger.........

Lion are much easier to spot in green grass

Baby impala - 2 months old

Giant Kingfisher

An early morning surprise on the Lake Panic road

Orb-web spider