Friday, February 11

Kruger meanders - a last update

Well I think it's time to wrap up the postings from my personal safari (aka Kruger Meanders) back in November.......

Day 6  (click here to return to Day 5)

My campsite at Skukuza

After 5 days of camping, driving and a bit of relaxing in-between I decided that I would chill and enjoy just being in the bush rather than going looking for animals.

"home" for 7 days in the bush

It turned out to be another beautiful sunny day, and being November that also meant extremely hot and humid, so once I finished doing my camp-keeping I headed off to spend a few hours in my favourite bird hide.

View from the bird hide looking north east

Although it was a Sunday, most of the 3 hours I spent there were fairly quiet. One or two badly behaved (having conversations in a bird hide of all places!!) people passed through and I made myself popular by hissing at them to "shut up", but thank goodness it was really peaceful overall. Due to the heat, and the fact I was there mid-day, the bird activity was quite low-key and the hippos out in the middle of the lake were fast asleep!

View from the bird hide looking east

But the Goliath Herons put on quite a show for us over a fairly extended period. Every year, since I started coming here Goliath Herons have nested in the trees in front of the hide but this was the first time I had seen the adult and 2 fledglings being so active. All 3 birds took turns to fish in an obviously good spot to the left of the hide, flew back to the right to swallow their catch while one of the other herons flew over to take their place.

the fishing spot......

The next lot of photos show some of the action...........

success! caught my lunch

and this should be a safe place to eat it.........

The next bird flies over to try it's luck

a Green Backed heron joins the action
the fish just don't learn!

All 3 Goliath Herons back together

and a last try for the day.

A wonderful wind-up to an incredible week in the bush.

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