Friday, July 11

Road tripping Western Australia (2)

A road trip is all about the journey.... I visited some amazing destinations which I will post about separately, but this particular road trip was about seeing Australian landscapes.......

For part one of "Road tripping" click here

Here are just a very small selection of my favourite photos taken whilst on the road.....

1) The relatively lush and tame farmlands between Perth and Geraldton

2) Cloudy skies leaving Shark Bay Heritage Area

3) The endless skies, dunes and road of the Gascoyne and Coral Coasts

4) The Pilbara Region.........
Still on the North West Coastal Highway, between Burkett Rd and Nanutarra Roadhouse

one of the few seasonal rivers

Now on the road to Tom Price - 300 kilometres of amazing country.

entrance to a remote Station

an iron ore mine, the regions main activity

It's quite a challenge to take a "selfie", whilst driving and only 1 hand to hold the rather heavy DSLR camera!

Mt Bruce, between Tom Price & Karijini


Meritxell said...

Hi Sue! Iam Meritxell from Barcelona, we went to Western Australia two years ago also with road trip and I found it astonishing.
I remember all the animals –specially the birds-, who stayed on the road in the shadow. They saw the car some miles away and started to move very slowly, sometimes we had to break the car, they were so slow….also the lizards and kangaroos. The landscape was amazing. And of course I remember all the enormous trucks carrying all kinds of enormous things: Houses, giants excavators for the mines, stones, etc… The immensity of the Australian landscape and the lack of people and cars was shocking. I felt like an ant in an infinitive land.

Joyful said...

Beautiful photos Sue! You are brave to take a selfie while driving and you did a fantastic job too. I'm sure you enjoyed your Aussie trip. I've been 3x times to the beautiful continent and would love to go again but so much of the world to explore and finite time and money. xx

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. it sounds as though you achieved loads and had a great time .. so pleased for you. Great photos too recording your trip .. love your lizards and birds ...

Brilliant - bet you wish you were still there ... cheers Hilary