Wednesday, July 23

On safari in an African winter

Winter is strengthening its dusty grip on the South African savanna :-

Waterholes are shrinking;

Bare tree branches silhouette against hazy skies;

Herds of zebra, wildebeest and giraffe roam the eastern basalt plains;

Hippos heap on every available patch of warm sand;

Elephants crowd the river reed banks; 

 Predators lurk close to water.......

Kruger is amazing at any time of the year, but winter produces the greatest number of large animals that anyone could wish to see!

These are all photos taken on safari over the last 4 weeks..........

Views from the high-level bridge over the Sabie River.

Over one weekend we saw three different buffalo herds, and for the last two weeks we have found zebra everywhere - quite a change from summer!

At one special waterhole on the eastern plains we (and the wildebeest) watched these nine giraffe all come down for a very cautious and quick drink!

African Wild Dog
Lions everywhere over the last few days!

Greater Kudu

Some of the other animals that become a lot more visible in the dry winter bush...

A cold winters dawn at Lake Panic bird hide, one of my favourite places in Kruger, winter or summer!

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