Friday, March 22

Shadow fight

Last week I did a wonderful 7 day safari in Kruger National Park with cousins of mine from the UK.

We had many great experiences and one of the highlights was watching two bull elephants “measure tusks” on the banks of the Letaba River.

It was a late afternoon on one of those crystal clear autumn days that only Africa can produce, and the show was spectacular, especially the shadows of the two “fighters” on the sand.

The outcome was fairly predictable as the two elephant were of different sizes. The anticipation was in how long it would take for the younger bull to get the message that he really shouldn't be hanging out so close to an older bull in musth......

first, the young bull came down to drink
followed a few minutes later by the bull in musth
they both drank and then the first of several face offs ensued
the shadows they created were fascinating........

This fight broke off, but more "tusk measuring" encounters followed until the younger bull at last beat a tactical retreat up the river bank.....

This post is dedicated to Simon and Diana with whom I shared this great experience. 
Thanks for making this safari possible and celebrating with me my first five years guiding in this awesome part of Africa.


Joyful said...

Nothing happened when I clicked on first photo. There was no where to click forward (I assume you meant a slideshow) but the photos are great! Happy 5th anniversary!

Coral Wild said...

Thanks Penny.

Blogger seems to have changed functionality since the last time I published !!:(

Glad you liked the photos.

I can't believe how the last 5 years have flown - seems a lot longer some how:)

Gaelyn said...

Congrats on following your dream of guiding for 5 years.

These photos show an incredible sighting and the shadow shots are superb.

Sorry I missed you on this recent trip, hopefully next year.

Coral Wild said...

Thank you Gaelyn. I'm sorry I missed you. It sounds as if you had a really great trip to SA this year.
I would love to make contact when you next come over.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Coral - great photos .. love the shadow boxing ... How lovely you were able to share time with cousins .. and congratulations on 5 years of guiding ... lucky you!

Cheers Hilary

Sonja said...

Happy anniversary Sue! Most appropriate that you spent your anniversary in the bush! I, on the other hand can't believe it has been 5 years since you left the bank!

Coral Wild said...

@ Hilary - thanks for commenting - yes I think I am very lucky!!

@ Sonja - 6 years since I left the Bank - seems like a lifetime:)

Dirk Unkelbach said...

Congratulations, Sue !
I can't believe it's even more than five years since we met in Karongwe and that YOU are working in the bush and I don't (yet) ;)
Keep it up

Diana said...

It was a totally amazing trip, Sue, thank you once again! My head is full of the experience, and your seemingly bottomless knowledge of everything we saw, from spiders and baby tortoises, through trees and birds (I think Simon's bird list ended up at about 110!) to so many of the bigger mammals. It is snowing here today - ugh - 'nuff Diana.

jojo said...

Congratulations on the 5 year anniversary Sue! Until I can make it over to join you for one of the amazing tours, it is a pleasure to see all the pictures. Hope all the fun & sights continue. Love, Jo

Coral Wild said...

@Dirk - I'm sure you will be working in the bush as soon as it is the right time to do so:)

@Diana, please keep warm - I don't envy you your snow:(

@Joanna - thanks for your comments - I would love to take you on safari one day:) - a bit different from NY?