Wednesday, March 27

Haunting Hwange (3) – A Mopani Spring


Desolation, despair, death.

Skeletal trees reach
Stunted bushes crouch
By parched, muddy puddles
The waterholes of Hwange.

Desolation, despair, death.
Vultures soar, wheel, dive
Hazy, cloudy skies
Over shadeless, naked earth
The pastures of Hwange.

Desolation, despair, death.
Ribcages etched
Dry skin sagging
On just alive bodies
The elephant of Hwange.

Desolation, despair, death.
Bleached bone, carcass stink
Hyaena whoop, lion roar
Each starless dawning
The graveyards of Hwange.

Desolation, despair, death.
Lightning flashes,
Thunder grumbles
Wet earth scents the air
The spring storms of Hwange.

Resurrection, hope, life!
Puddles fresh in hollows
Green fuzz on bare slopes
Red butterfly shoots
Mopani spring in Hwange!


tertius dormehl said...

Sue your prose works wonderfully with the photographs. Thanks for another escape.

Coral Wild said...

Thank you Tertius. Have you been to Hwange?
It's a very special place to escape to....
Much wilder than anything we have in SA.
Even the impala run away from cars!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Coral - love Hwange .. we came in from Botswana and then broke down - thankfully got a tow back with some locals from Bulawayo.

I can see the hide of the elephant hanging loosely .. I just hope the rains come and they can have an easier few months ahead ...

As Tertius says - beautiful photos and story telling ... cheers Hilary

leaanneng said...

Love your prose...very moving. Great photos as well.

Joyful said...

I love Spring for the signs of new life. Your poem and photos capture it well. I hope you had a great Easter weekend and send you best wishes for a great weekend ahead. Cheers from Vancouver