Saturday, December 11

Kruger meanders - near the Olifants River

Day 3  (click here to return to Day 2)
going down to the Olifants River

 After a night spent listening to my tent flapping, shaking in the wind, I groggily got out of bed, stumbled with coffee in hand into my car, and headed northwards for the day........

Red Bushwillow

So many beautiful flowers to photograph, but the wind made it very difficult.......

Purple-pod Cluster Leaf

a caring mother with baby

The first stretch of road heading north was very quiet on this grey windy morning, but once I got down into the Olifants River valley after breakfast, the sightings perked up a lot.

an exhausted mating lion taking a break

Little Bee-eater
Short-thorn pomegranate

Then this troop of baboons delighted on the low level bridge.........

some of us just want a nap......

others explore the islands,

and the youngsters play.....

In my next posting I will continue with the day....... (click here)

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