Friday, December 17

Kruger meanders - south to Skukuza

Day 4  (click here to return to Day 3)   

After a blustery, stormy night the sky started clearing as the sun rose. By noon the temperature was up to 40 degrees C, 20 higher than yesterday. The animals just disappeared.........
I had slept in a little late (having been kept awake most of the night by my shaking tent ), and after taking an hour to pack up camp, I was on the road a little later than usual, which is probably why I didn't see too much in the way of the big mammals. But as you can see from my next 2 postings there were other things happening!

I got to Skuks before lunch, and set up camp in the incredibly hot and sticky middle of the day and then collapsed in the shade under the trees and read my book for the rest of the afternoon.

I was just plain tired of driving, especially after the previous 3 days..........

Greater Kudu

the tail-enders of a large herd of buffalo

these flowering acacias were just alive with insects...

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