Thursday, October 10

A Safari Photo Update (2)

A Klipspringer silhouette

As promised last week here are some more of my favourite photos from the last few months.

It was a time of transition:-
 late winter through into spring;
hot windy days in August to cold drizzly days in September;
snakes and lizards shaking off the torpor of winter;
birds busy building nests;
bare branches against smoky skies;
bright flowers splash against naked earth;

Nile Crocodile

Black Crake
 Busy birds at Lake Panic
Grey herons nesting

A very rare sighting of the African Rock Python, and a Rock Monitor Lizard standing proud....

A pattern of impala, and the exquisite Impala Lily.

 And we had some wonderful sightings of the larger predators:-
a mating pair of lion;
a pride of lion basking in the late afternoon sun;
two hyena cubs enjoying a cool damp morning; and
a lively, young cheetah family;

I probably won't be on safari again until late October, so I may entertain you with older stories and photos over the next couple of weeks......

Sunset through the Marula trees


Gaelyn said...

Thanks for the memories. I won't be on safari until January.

Anonymous said...

wow Sue these photo's are just astonishing! The cranes nesting pic is so awesome.

Jeanieblue said...

Wonderful photographs, as always.
Keep them coming, Sue! The herons at Lake Panic brought back great memories.

Coral Wild said...

Thanks for visiting Gaelyn. I was sorry to read about your Grand Canyon work ending ealy due to the Government shutdown. I'm sure you are looking forward to being back here:)

@ Jackie - I was quite pleased with the herons (cranes) as well?

@Jean - you will have to come back yet again:)