Saturday, August 27

an August photo update

Two weeks ago I got back from 2 months in Mozambique, promptly went out again on a 9 day trip to Kruger, Swaziland and kwaZulu Natal, and tomorrow I am off on another 3 day trip to Kruger - so no time for more words but I hope you enjoy some of these photos from this last week in Kruger and Imfolozi Game Reserve.

a great sighting of a Pearl spotted owlet. Later in the day we also saw a Verreaux (Giant) eagle owl!
Red billed oxpecker

30 minutes spent with a large herd of impala rewarded us with great birds and active Dwarf mongooses

the ubiquitous Fork tailed drongo
Dwarf mongoose

a large group of male elephants, of various ages, sizes and temperament..........

They "hogged" the waterhole for well over an hour much to the frustration of impala and wildebeest who also wanted to drink.

They only moved off when a large herd of buffalo cantered in to drink.........

The warthog stood no chance of getting a mud bath!

a pair of handsome White rhino

another large herd of buffalo - note the young hippo getting all upset and aggressive :)

unfortunately we saw no leopard, and only distant lions, but we were very lucky and had two cheetah sightings, one in Kruger and one in Imfolozi.

in contrast to Kruger where we saw dozens and dozens of giraffe, Imfolozi waited until late in the day before showing us these fabulous animals.....

the closest I have ever got to a White fronted bee eater!!
an incredible view over the valleys of the Imfolozi rivers

and our last morning....... sunrise over the Durban beachfront


Anonymous said...

As usual beautiful photo's Sue :)

Coral Wild said...

Thanks Jackie. The animals are really good at posing for me :)

Britta Kunz said...

Really wonderful pictures!! They show how much you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Really enjoyed your niche in the wilds of Africa.
As always the photos are all crisp and clear. Lovely colours.
Was the hippo laughing at some jokpe told by the Buffalo?
Ken and Sharon

OneStonedCrow said...

Great photos Sue - I especially like the White-fronted Bee Eater ... you certainly get around ... one of the best jobs in the world.

Coral Wild said...

Thanks Britta! I also had a great trip with you both.

Coral Wild said...

Hey there Ken and Sharon - thanks for the comments. I think the hippo was laughing at having made all those grumpy old male buffalo back off (for a change...)

Coral Wild said...

Hi Graham. Thanks for the feedback. Yes I was very pleased with the bee-eater photo - It sat calmly on a twig only a couple of metres from the side of the road - I could hardly get it wrong.
Yeah, I reckon I do have the best job in the world.