Wednesday, April 13

A quiet afternoon on the Sabie River

It is now that change of seasons between summer and winter, or in this part of the world, the wet season is easing into the dry season. The intense heat of only a week ago has suddenly become bearable. The days are sunny and warm, the evenings pleasantly cool. The bush is still gloriously lush and verdant thanks to the good rainfall of the summer.

Down by the Sabie River, the trees are not showing any hint of yellow yet, but the grasses are tall and golden, the animals fat and sleek.

Late Monday afternoon I went for a lazy drive along the river. Impala, baboons, vervet monkeys and guinea fowl were pretty much the only animals to be seen, but with warm yellow sunshine, crystal clear air, dramatic grey white puffy clouds in a blue sky and always the rushing noise of water over rocks, I didn’t much care.

(Fortunately for our safari guests, they were out on a game drive in the opposite direction, and had great sightings of elephant and lionesses with cubs!)

I had fun with my camera anyway …….


FP said...

Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
Best wishes

Coral Wild said...

Thank you Jonas.