Monday, December 15

a busy December

It’s been a while since I last sent any update as it has been a busy period on safari and in the few days here and there that I have had at home I haven’t felt creative enough to put “pen to paper”!

From the scheduling board at the office it looks as if January will be just as busy, but I will try to get something out soon, I promise….. My head is full of words and stories, I just hope none of them slip away before I can get them out.

Impala with lamb

The bush is looking so wonderful at the moment, the rains in the south of Kruger have been good and the luminous spring green is turning to the dark emerald of full fledged summer. The impala lambs are now old enough to start pronking at the slightest temptation and their fathers and older brothers are getting all excited and clashing horns in anticipation of the new rutting season.
Thirsty lionesses

On my last safari, we spent the first night up in the north of Kruger (where I hadn’t been since mid November) and it was distressing to see how barren it was. The brief rains of a few weeks ago already a dry and dusty memory. The Mopani trees are out in full leaf (where they haven’t been stripped bare by the Mopani worms) but not a blade of green grass anywhere. If the rains don’t come soon life will become desperate up there north of the Olifants River.

Plains Zebra with foal

I will be away on safari from Tuesday through to Sunday with a brief overnight in Johannesburg on Christmas night, so while I am on the road and in the bush I will be thinking of you and wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful, joyous time with your families and friends around you. I will miss being with you but I will be in a place that I truly love.

the largest warthog tusks I've ever seen

Sunset in the Sabi Sand

African buffalo in the rain

Handsome young White rhino

My first clear sighting of Wild Dog in Kruger

We had 5 running in the road for half an hour

Kruger primates and their babies......


Jean Hunter said...

I'm loving your blogs, Sue. Keep them coming. They make me just long to be back in the Kruger ... maybe with the grandchildren when they're a little older! Jean

Lonicera said...

I know this is an old post, but these sorts of posts are perennial really. I particularly like the pictures here. I can't get over what a collection you have...

Coral Wild said...

Thank you Caroline. Yes my photo collection is quite large now:) When I have spare time I still find 2 year old folders where I haven't even reviewed or sorted the pictures yet!