Monday, November 22

A meander around Kruger.....

This won’t be a long post as I am off to Kruger again, for 7 days, but  this time on my own, a holiday in Kruger for me!

Safari work is very light at the moment so I don’t think I will get much freelance guiding between now and early 2011, and I just can’t bear the thought of not seeing the bush at this really beautiful time of the year.

The rains started in earnest just under 3 weeks ago, and on my last safari you could already see the huge impact just a few days rain can have on the parched bush.

The impala should have started dropping their lambs by now and the wildebeest and warthog will not be far behind. The birds that visit us for the summer months started arriving a couple of months ago, but hadn’t really started calling yet. Flowers were just beginning to show some buds when I left Kruger back on the 9th November and I hope to be able to take many photographs of them on this trip.

And that’s really going to be the focus of this next week that I will be in Kruger – photography. I am not sure that the weather will be ideal and it may be cloudy most of the time, but we can only try!

I did have quite a hectic 4 week period in October / November with 4 safaris in 3 weeks, so I have a lot to tell you. I will try to write down some of those experiences during this next week, otherwise it may be January before I get them out.

This is because I will be returning to my other passion for the summer holidays - scuba diving! The first weekend in December I will be helping run a training weekend for the Dive School, and then a few days after that I am leaving for Ponta D’Ouro in southern Mozambique for 3 to 4 weeks working as a Dive Master for one of the charters there. It should be great fun and very hard work, but I will at least get a little income to tide me over this rather quiet safari period! After the diving tails off I plan to return back to Johannesburg via a few days in Durban to see all my family there – a rather late Christmas / New Year visit!

So until next year, enjoy these photos from early November and carry on reading my older postings! Have a great festive season.

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Ruth Swasey said...

Thank you for posting Sue! I do so enjoy your commentary and pictures. Hugs to you.