Friday, September 26

Kruger Memories

  • The delight and wonder on the faces of the five blind and five deaf children on their first visit to Kruger.
Spot the snake!
  • The Black Mamba crossing the road in front of us and then climbing and moving around a couple of small Mopani’s close to the road.

  • An African Rock Python coiled in an untidy heap below the road next to the Sabie River.

  • The snore of an exhausted lioness during a break in mating.

  • A fleeting glimpse of the Sable Antelope’s scimitar horns near Pretoriuskop Rest Camp.

  • Multiple sightings of the “rare” tsessebe over a 36 hour period near Mopani Rest Camp.

  • Eighty buffalo silhouetted against the setting sun, kicking up the dust in their run down to the waterhole.

  • The huge bull elephant rolling like a kid in the mud at the edge of Nsime Dam.
  • The antics of a baboon troop on the banks of the Olifants River.

  • A Ground Hornbill feasting on a tortoise, tossing it into the air as it tries to get it’s beak into the head and leg openings.
  • The baby elephants rolling over and over in the shallows of the waterhole.

  • The troop of Banded Mongoose scampering down to drink at the waterhole with the baboons and two old bull elephants. 
  •  The majestic “King of the Jungle” surveying his domain in the setting sun.

  • A massive crocodile chasing fish in the shallows, with the young Fish Eagle hovering above waiting for a chance to grab the fish as it desperately leaps out of the water.

  • The wonderful people from all over the world that have shared with me all these experiences over the last 3 months.

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