Monday, August 13

It's official, Spring has sprung!

Giraffe feasting on Knob-thorn flowers
Snowfalls sprinkled all 9 provinces of South Africa less than a week ago, but in the low-veld the Knob-thorn Acacias are in flower – spring has definitely sprung:)

All the signs are there.......

Waterholes are rapidly drying up and those still with water are attracting hundreds of animals;

The skies are hazy with dust and smoke from wild fires;

Gusty winds ripple through the remaining grass, keeping all animals on high alert;

Kudu antelope are looking bedraggled and hungry;

Hippos are at their fittest, walking long distances at night for little return on food;

Newly damaged trees everywhere, being relentlessly torn apart by elephant foraging for juicy bark;

Cold nights turning into clear warm days;

Now, the desperate wait for the rains to arrive.........

Drying waterholes, slim hippo

Large buffalo herd camped out at a waterhole
Selecting the next tree to push over
Warming up after a long cold night
Very few leaves around for this young browser
Clear, sunny days in the low-veld


Gowri Saligram said...

Oh! It took me a while to realise why the timing seemed strange! I live in the Northern Hemisphere :D

Nice pictures and yes, that's definitely dry!

Anonymous said...

It is incredibly dry Sue. We were fighting fires all of yesterday. Frightening! Our rains will also only come mid October so it is a time of apprehension in the bush.

Coral Wild said...

@Gowri - it is a bit disorienting isn't it:) I always picture India having the same seasons as us as well..

Coral Wild said...

@Jackie - I wish you good fortune in keeping the fires at bay... those winds we had yesterday don't help either do they?

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Coral .. beautiful photos - and I do remember well - just love seeing your photos and reminders of times gone by ...

Enjoy your burgeoning Spring and let's hope the rains are long and hard when they do arrive ...

Cheers Hilary

Lonicera said...

It's the first time I've seen spring described as already too hot and dry, and waterholes drying up - I don't know why it should surprise me, I've seen plenty of documentaries about it... So will you get the rains in October too? Seems such a long time to wait for the poor animals.
The pictures are lovely, but the last one is my "fave", love the road disappearing into infinity.

Danice said...

Beautiful wildlife photos. Here in Alabama, we are getting cooler weather but still lacking in rainfall. Looking forward to autumn.